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A Wonderful Heart

A wonderful heart, a caring soul
Too lovely to be just a friend.
More special than she’ll ever know,
Feelings so strong, I couldn’t comprehend.

Calm Peaceful eyes, a strong will,
Like a perfect rose, she has a glow.
Each time I see her, it’s a thrill,
We should have been so much more I know.

At a State Fair we had our first date,
I lost my heart with that one kiss.
I was incomplete and couldn’t relate,
She was so much, it left me breathless.

She was the source, what can I say,
I learned from her respect and strength.
Helped me be what I am today,
To be near her, I’d go any length.

A drive or a walk we would roam,
Every time she would make me grin.
For hours we’d talk on the phone,
Each time I would fall in love again.

To one thing I must testify,
For her, any mountain I would climb.
A love that will never die,
She’s in my heart for all time.


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