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On the way to Tomorrow


Each of us has our own path to travel in life.
Some souls enjoy winding trails crossing green meadows,
A few follow must traverse steep mountainous passes,
And others may face a treacherous wilderness trek.

It is not our choice to select our route,
Or decide which road destiny will provide.
Only how we endure our course though life,
And how we care for our fellow travelers.

My voyage was a hard but diverse road.
Steep slopes showed me my strength,
Turbulent waters taught me balance,
And many lonely miles made me self-aware.

I have learned it is not how far we travel,
But the experiences we collect along the way.
The purpose is not to reach the conclusion,
But to experience our own way though life.

At times darkness seemed to overwhelm me,
And my past journeys still weigh heavy,
But I know that each step leads to a splendid light,
Because tomorrow shines brilliantly ahead of me.


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