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Choose to Love

Iíve been hurt and Iíve been had.
Iíve let my hopes climb too high.
Didnít know I could feel so bad,
When the feelings started to die.

I tried to love many times before.
And each time Iíd be slower to touch,
Each time Iíd hold back a little more,
Not wanting to share quite as much.

To avoid the pain, to avoid the falls,
I locked out what made life worthwhile,
Around my heart I built strong walls,
I stopped trying and became an exile.

Then the Twin Towers came down,
Suddenly my troubles were small.
This was real, a tragedy renown.
Stronger hurt, I couldnít recall.

Finally the wisdom I did gain,
My walls are protecting emptiness.
I forsake love to avoid pain.
Itís time to make a stand, I confess.

I choose to be stronger than my fears,
I choose to live my life free from doubt,
I choose to risk a little hurt and tears,
I choose once again, to believe in love.
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