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Brown Eyed Angel

My heart has touched an angel,
I will never be the same,
The darkness she does dispel,
Like a sweet burning flame.

She overcame my greatest obstacle,
Because of her incredible will,
A cold, dark, empty corner of my soul,
This angel showed me how to fill.

She's a wonderful piece of Heaven,
Sent here by God to give me Hope,
As necessary to me as oxygen,
Without her love, I couldn't cope.

Once my heart was cold and silent,
But one loving look from her eyes,
Made the reason I was born evident,
And my caused heart to sing joyous cries.

It was real, it was magic,
My whole world trembled and shook,
Made all my old loves seem tragic,
After that wonderful, meaningful look.

What we have is more than passion,
Or ordinary drives that compel,
Our souls have found connection,
Me and my Brown Eyed Angel.
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